Crafty Natalie

more key fobs!

i've decided to throw a purse party some time this summer! a lot of my friends have requested purses, especially ever since i started making my tote bag! so i thought it would be a good way to get rid of some of the ones i've been keeping busy making, and also a good way to start up my Etsy shop (which i thought i was going to have up and running at the end of June, but it's not looking like it's going to happen just yet!) i'm also going to be doing baby items too! these key fobs seemed to be a random request every now and then so i just made a bunch! my little cousin said that down in Richmond there's a shop that sells them for $20!! i, for one think that's outrageous!!! or maybe i'm just cheap like that...who knows!

i think it'll be fun to have an open house for "crafty natalie" because i'm all about getting feedback! it'll be fun to see what items people request more of and what areas i could also work on!