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Guilt Free Summer Snacking!

A few months ago I kept seeing these frozen yogurt drops all over Pinterest. I've been making them as treats for my toddler, and also my niece and nephew who are over quite a bit. With the temperatures close to the 100s lately, I decided it was an absolute must to keep the freezer stocked with a container full (trust me, if you have kids, they won't last long!) My 17 month old thinks it's the biggest treat, and I definitely don't feel guilty when he comes asking for more! We've even done the dipped fruit bites in Greek yogurt as well (they're good, but if your teeth get sensitive easily, probably not the way to go!) These frozen drops are one of those things where as soon as I saw it instantly thought, duh, why didn't i do this a long time ago?! :)

Frozen Yogurt Drops- Banana Cream & Mixed Berry

It really doesn't take long and if you're anything like our family, we always have a fridge full of yogurt! (And on another note, I've tried making them with the coconut milk yogurt- definitely a fail...the consistency is too runny, so they don't pipe too easily. Unless you don't mind big flat discs, then go right ahead with this kind of yogurt!)

It takes all of five minutes to pour the yogurt into a baggie, snip off a corner and pipe the yogurt onto a plate that can fit into your freezer. They freeze pretty quickly, I'd say maybe 15 minutes or so? Definitely a fun treat, especially with the endless variety of flavors!

And if you're feeling extra indulgent, try pudding drops! The chocolate pudding I made wasn't sugar or fat free (not a big fan of the lower fat chocolates!) but eating a few of these is enough to satisfy a chocolate craving without all the extra calories. These melt much quicker than the yogurt drops so just be careful because they do make a lot more mess with the kids!

Frozen Chocolate Pudding Drops

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