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I may be a fabric crackhead…

Ever since we turned the sewing studio into a nursery, my sewing area has been strewn all around the house! Tools and other craft items, crammed into every nook and cranny you can find!! My sewing table has been in the master bedroom since the nursery was set up, while the cutting table has taken over half the guest room! We also ended up taking an old media cabinet that was no longer in use and turned that into a storage area to house as much of my fabric that it can! Our master and guest closet also has a ton of bins that also has more fabric, as well as all the fusibles, stabilizers, battings and stuffings that I use on a normal basis! It's finally gotten to a point where I would like SOME KIND OF organization as I possibly can to incorporate all my sewing needs into one room again! (I long for the day that we move into a bigger house and I can have a real sewing studio again!)

Recently, many craft blogs have been posting tons of storage ideas. My husband was actually the one that came to me first with this post! (I thought it was hilarious that he showed it to me, and then a week or so later it was popping up all over Pinterest and other crafting sites!! He was mighty proud of himself for being in the know first, especially about something he has no interest in!!)

After a lot of going back and forth about what I was going to do, I finally broke down and bought a pack of comic book boards. I hated the idea of paying $10 for a bunch of cut up posterboard- I'm cheap like that! I thought, for sure 100 pieces would be more than enough- thinking full well that I would not finish up the pack!! Little did I know, I finished the pack of 100, AND haven't even tackled my "secret stash!" You know, the fabric that you love to look at but don't dare cut into! The stash that you either saved up for, or bought on impulse and the idea of cutting it up into pieces for OTHER people sends you into a frenzy, and then you feel just plain silly because, afterall, it is just fabric, but you know that when you need more you might not be able to find it, or worse, it's completely out of print and you know you won't ever get it again, so you have to hold onto it kinda fabric! I know I'm not the only one that feels like this right?!

Anywhoo...I have big plans on where my fabric is going to live next! Not just in some old media cabinet or bin in the closet! Hoping that this gorgeous weekend will allow me some "work time" instead of just playtime with the family, where I can bust out the sander and get started on painting! And of course, off to order more comic book boards off Amazon! :)

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